The Magic of Body Sculpting with SmartLipo™

How many times have you started a diet or exercise program only to find that there are certain areas where you can’t lose the fat, no matter how hard you try? It can be sooo frustrating! Are you forever burdened with that abdominal pooch, love handle, spare tire, or double chin? Well don’t despair because there is HOPE. It is a quick office procedure called Smartlipo™ that melts stubborn fat with a special laser. Walk in with a saddle bag…walk out with a whole new body shape! The results are amazing.

How does it work?

The Smartlipo™ procedure is a body sculpting procedure that is divided into 3 distinct components. First, a special numbing solution is applied to the skin over the fatty areas you want treated. After a few minutes your treatment area will be numb, and you won’t feel any discomfort. It works so well that you’ll be awake throughout your procedure so there are no risks from general anesthesia and NO PAIN.

Next, Dr. Damery will slide the laser fiber into those pesky fatty areas, where it will melt your unwanted fat cells and turn them into a liquidy slush. He will also use the laser fiber to tighten up your skin, so it won’t be loose or saggy after your fat is removed. Finally, a thin tube is used to suction out the melted fat cells. Say goodbye to those fat cells forever!!

But the benefits keep coming! The laser skin tightening will happen slowly over the next several months, so you’ll look better and better as time passes. The final result is usually awesome!

What about afterwards?

Recovery is typically quick. We recommend you take 2-3 days off work after your Smartlipo™ procedure but most folks tell us that all they needed was 1 day for recovery and then they were back in action. We figure it’s still a good excuse to get some extra time off and we’re happy to write you a doctor’s note.

In order to keep you fit and trim while your body adjusts to its new shape we’ll provide you with a compression garment that we want you to wear for about a month. It looks like a very snug body suit that is hidden beneath your clothes. After that, it’s life as before, but with a whole new level of confidence.

With Smartlipo™, you’re in our Medical Spa one day and turning heads the next. Are you ready? It’s time to reshape your body and reshape your life. Give us a call or check out our website for online scheduling of a free consultation with Dr. Damery. You won’t regret it.

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Greg Damery MD Dr. Damery is the owner of Impressions MedSpa in Sarasota, Fl. where he is passionate about providing state-of-the-art treatments for improving one’s self-confidence by combating the effects of Father Time. You’ll find him there almost every day working his magic.

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