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Injectables Q & A


So just what are injectables in the cosmetic world?  We’ve all heard the term used loosely, but what are they?  Well, put simply, cosmetic injectables are products that are administered by a syringe, and they fall into 1 of several categories.  The 2 largest categories are Neurotoxins and Dermal Fillers.



These are purified nerve blocking chemicals that are extracted from special bacteria.  When very tiny quantities are injected into a muscle, these toxins will block the nerve signals that cause that muscle to contract.  If the muscle can’t contract then it will relax, causing the overlying skin to remain flat.  Voila’  That’s exactly how Botox works. 


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Dermal Fillers


If you’ve been scouring the Internet trying to decide on the best treatment for your signs of aging, then chances are you’ve come across dermal fillers.  You may have read that they soften the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin tone, and texture, which kind of sounds like the neurotoxins.  It can become confusing.  Well, although dermal fillers are an important component to the antiaging arsenal, the injectable dermal fillers work in a completely different manner from the neurotoxins.  Whereas the neurotoxins block nerve signals to muscles, the dermal fillers are space filling gels which fill in low spots in the face (creases) or areas that have become sunken (hollowing).  The dermal fillers don’t have any affect on the facial muscles.  Thus, dermal fillers are a partner to the neurotoxins in rolling back the hands of time.


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