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Skin tightening provides a noninvasive alternative to facelifts — it can safely correct skin laxity and improve skin quality without the need for surgery. But skin tightening is not limited to the face because at Impressions MedSpa, Dr. Damery and his highly trained staff have state of the art devices which can also provide skin tightening on all areas of the body. Using either radiofrequency devices or lasers they can improve skin tone on many areas of your body. To learn more, call today or schedule an appointment online for a free consultation.

Skin Tightening


Skin Tightening

The Holy Grail of non-surgical cosmetic procedures is almost certainly skin tightening because loose skin is often the root problem for many appearance-related issues.  In order to tighten skin without undergoing surgery with its associated downtime, surgical scars, and prolonged recovery, there is really only one option:  Energy!

Let us explain.  In order to get tighter skin without surgically cutting it off, a physician must use energy which heats up the deeper layers of the skin to the point of contraction.  When energy is applied correctly, a very nice skin tightening affect can be obtained, with practically no downtime, no scars, and minimal pain.  We understand this at Impressions MedSpa and we have acquired several state-of-the-art devices to address loose skin.


How is skin tightening done?

Lasers have been around for years and are an excellent choice when you are also interested in skin resurfacing.  If you have pigmented spots, rough skin, fine wrinkles, spider veins, and loose skin, then lasers should be a prime consideration.  Lasers can treat multiple issues in a single treatment, giving you a lot of value for your dollar. Learn more Here

Radio frequency (RF), either alone or combined with ultrasound (US) energy also does a great job of skin tightening and can make even the most stubborn skin contract.  After your treatments, your skin will slowly tighten over the next 4-6 weeks. Learn more here

RF Microneedling is a newcomer to the field of skin tightening and incorporates all of the information gleaned through lasers, standard microneedling devices, as well as other RF devices over the years.  Our Morpheus device will protect your surface skin while it delivers precise RF energy to the deep skin layers where collagen and elastin are made.  Results can be amazing. Learn more here


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